2019 Art Season

Next meeting:
March 14th at 6:30 PM
Pomfret Historical Society
11 Town House Dr, Pomfret Center

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Don't miss the first show of 2019!!
Windham Arts Gallery non-Juried Art Exhibit at Eastbrook Mall

Open to NECTAG members, so remember to renew!
Entry Deadline: December 31, 2018
Where: Eastbrook Mall Windham Arts Gallery
Reception: Thursday January 17th from 5 to 7 p.m.
Drop-off: January 16th from 10:30 am to noon.
Strike/Pickup: January 30th from 10:30 am to noon. 
Submit up to 3 works of art
Fill out the linked Prospectus and mail it to the event coordinator: 
Judy Doyle
19 Beckwith Street
Danielson, CT 06239

Windham Arts Prospectus

Artists Open Studio
Many of our members participate in Artists Open Studio (November 23, 24, 25 and December 1 and 2). To promote this event there is a pop-up show at Eastbrook Mall. Support Artists Open Studio by attending the Meet & Greet on Friday evening, November 16th. The event was postponed from Thursday to Friday due to snow.

Here are some photos from our August 4th Panel Workshop with Robert Carsten.

Congratulations to the Award-Winning Artists from the Spirol Gallery Show!

First Prize: Fresh Tomatoes by Edythe Roxburgh  

Second PrizeSunrise Service #3 by Normand Chartier

Third Prize: Provincetown Peacefulness by Dorothy Ford-King

Judge's Choice: Hampton Croft #2 by Brian Tracy

Barbara Gleason Memorial Award: Creation by Julie Caprera  

American Diner Award: Sound of the Wild by Scott Rhoades  

Grill 37 Award: My Friend by Karen St. Jean 

Vanilla Bean Cafe Award: Red Barn at Midday by Jane Wallor Collins

Courthouse Award: Kissing Zebras by Lori Smolin 

President's Award: Lilly by Jane Larson

Pickup of shown work: August 10th from 9 AM to noon or 4 to 7 PM.

Juried Art Show Prospectus 

Artists and Work that have been accepted for display at Spirol Gallery Juried Art Show

Artist                                      Title of Work
Hope  Barton                         Mr Pierre
Julie Caprera                          Creation
Normand Chartier                Bush Hill Corridor #3
Normand Chartier                Sunrise Service #3
Alison Ciarlante                     Tree House
Jane Wallor Collins               Morning Light
Jane Wallor Collins               Red Barn at Midday
Nancy Dougherty                  Dragonfly on Cobweb
Judy Chace Doyle                  Red Barns
Judy Chace Doyle                  Blue Door Quebec City
Margaret Files                        Summer Walk
Dorothy Ford-King                 Provincetown Peacefulness
Dorothy Ford-King                 Chirichua Morning
Beth Gentile                            Vintage Sunday Picnic
Beth Johnston                         Three Pears
Adele Korbowski                     Through the Meadow
Adele Korbowski                     Fall Understory
Donna O'Scolaigh Lange        The Jug of Punch
Donna O'Scolaigh Lange        Rainy Day Student
Jane Larson                              Cat
Jane Larson                              Lilly
Frietha Lawrence                    Crane
Jeanine Lawson                       Buffalo Bill
Janice Leitch                            Quiet Cove
Janice Leitch                            Courtship on the Bayou
Jacqueline A. Lucier               Explosion
Jacqueline A. Lucier               Into the Light
Albert Mathes                         Blue Rocks
Courtney Normandie             Waves
ScottRhoades                          My Grandfather's Glove
Scott Rhoades                         Sound of the Wild
Edythe Roxburgh                    Peace Bear
Edythe Roxburgh                    Fresh Tomatoes
Adolph Rutkin                         As Shadows Surround Me
Adolph Rutkin                         A Quiet Masquerade
Carol Sansoucy                        Egret
Carol Sansoucy                        Sweet Nectar
Daune Sheri                             Just Armed with Love
Daune Sheri                             Just New Beginnings
Lori Smolin                               Mooring Time
Lori Smolin                               Kissing Zebras
Karen A. St Jean                       My Friend
Karen A. St Jean                       Toby
Brian Tracy                               Hampton Croft #2
Brian Tracy                               Southwest Sunshine
JoAnn Vandale                        Jillian in Quebec


Next meeting:
November 2nd, 6:30 PM
Pomfret Historical Society
11 Town House Dr, Pomfret Center

Remember to renew your membership for 2018!
Please send payment and membership form to Diane Allen at 101 Allen Hill Rd, Brooklyn, CT 06234 by December 31, 2017.
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Enjoy some artwork created by participants in Jacquie Lucier's Introduction to Abstract/ Nonrepresentational Painting Workshop! 

Be sure to submit your entries for our first Columbus Day Weekend Show, in collaboration with the Last Green Valley Walktober event!

Walktober Art Show:


Location: Old Pomfret Townhouse/ Pomfret Historical Society, 11 Town House Dr, Pomfret Center
Deadline for Entry: Saturday, September 23, 2017
Drop Off Date & Time: October 6, 2017 – 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM or 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Strike/Pick up Date & Time: October 9, 2017 – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
*** Please note on the prospectus that we are asking members to staff the exhibit and to demonstrate their work at the event.
Prospectus and entry form -  WORD
Prospectus and entry form -  PDF

Next Meeting: 
Thursday,  March 2, 2017
Program: Contemporary Fiber Art - Joan Blade Johnson & Melanie Johnston
6:30 PM at the Pomfret Historical Society
11 Town House Drive, Pomfret Center 06259

Congratulations to Judy Doyle for selling her watercolor painting Winter Blues at the NECTAG exhibit at the La Grua Center

To take a quick stroll through our "Local Color" art show click on the following link: Spiral Gallery show - Oct/Nov 2016

Congratulations to our Award-Winning Artists!(Spiral Gallery Show)

Best in ShowYou are My Sunshine - Donna O'Scolaigh Lang
Second PlaceOn Deck - Normand Chartier
Third PlaceBirch - Scott Rhoades
Silver Circle Award  - Autumn Backroad - Bonnie Massey
Olde American Diner Award  - Cat Hollow - Al Mathes
Olde American Diner Award  - Depot View Farm - Scott Rhoades
Grill 37 AwardMartins Hoe Farm - Brian Tracy
Courthouse Award Hidden Pumpkin - Peter Harmyk

Artist whose work 
is currently on display at our our Spirol Gallery Art Show!

Hope Barton                              Gambel's Quail
Hope Barton                              Summer Garden
Agnes Brown                             Garden Friend
Judith Busse                             The Woods are Lovely…
Julie Caprera                             Quiet Glow
Normand Chartier                    Frosty Morning
Normand Chartier                    On Deck
Nancy Dougherty                      Levi's Covered Bridge
Nancy Dougherty                      Pomfret School Chapel
Judy Chace Doyle                   Buoyed
Margaret Files                          Pumpkin and Gourds
Margaret Files                          Yellow Barn
Carol Frieswick                         Hightide
Peter Harmyk                             Hidden Pumpkin
Peter Harmyk                             Summer Rose
Lynn Herklots                            At Peace
Joan Blade Johnson                Fabric of the Universe
Melanie Johnston                    Earth and Sky
Susan Scott Kenney                  Putnam Antiques
Susan Scott Kenney                  Winter Birds
Susan S.Klare                            Get Closer
Cathey LaBonte                         Circle series#12
Donna O'Scolaigh Lange         Your are My Sunshine
Susan Rosenstone Larrow      Henry Coming
Frietha Lawrence                     Elefants
Frietha Lawrence                     Zendala
Janice Leitch                             Baltimore Oriole
Janice Leitch                             Stone Cottage
Jacqueline A. Lucier                 Abundance
Jacqueline A. Lucier                 Grazing in Autumn
Bonnie T. Massey                     Backyard in Autumn
Bonnie T. Massey                     Home by the Fire
Al Mathes                                  Cat Hollow
Nancy-Lee  Mauger                  After Midnight
Nancy-Lee  Mauger                  Some Days the Crazy Wins
Bonnie Pellett                          CT Barn
Scott Rhoades                           Depot View Farm
Scott Rhoades                           Birch
Edie Roxburgh                           Vessel
Adolph Rutkin                           Into the Splashing Water
Adolph Rutkin                           Fooling History
Mary Beth Schmidt                   Fused glass bowl
Mary Beth Schmidt                   Tangled Book
Wayde Schmidt                          Butterscotch swirls
Wayde Schmidt                          Juggernaut
Lynita Shimizu                          Heartbreak Mountain
Lynita Shimizu                          The Long Drive Home
Lori Smolin                                Final touches
Lori Smolin                                Zebra lookouts
Monique Sourinho                   Yin Yang
Karen A. St Jean                        Annie's Friend
Karen A. St Jean                        Tranquility at Sunset
Cynthia  Sturni                          Dangerous Bloom
Elaine Theriault                       Sea Fancy
Brian Tracy                                 Martins Hoe Farm
Brian Tracy                                 Dog Days
Elaine Turner                            Brushed
Adrianna  Young                       Meandering in Maine
Adrianna  Young                        Fallen

ANNOUNCING! The First NECTAG Open, Juried Art Show!
For artist entry information click here

October 17 - November 11, 2016
The Spirol Gallery
Quinebaug Valley Community College
742 Upper Maple Street • Danielson, CT

made possible by grants from:


Connecticut Audubon Society Show
August 27 - September 30
Reception, Sunday, August 28, 2-4 pm

See publicity in the September 9, Villager

Strike/Pick up Date & Time: Friday, September 30, 2:00-4:00


LaGrua Exhibit Dates

Tuesday, November 1st drop off day
Friday November 4th, opening reception
Monday, January 2nd strike day

LaGrua Gallery Agreement

LaGrus Prospectus